Friday, July 27, 2007


Dawson has become a very good swimmer lately. With his floaties on his arms he can swim all by himself. He is very excited about this new independence. He used to push me away when I tried to hold him in the pool and would say, "No, mom. Let go, mom. Just let go." Of course, I couldn't let go or he would sink to the bottom. So now he's thrilled that I'm not holding onto him. In fact, there are times when I just sit by the edge of the pool and watch as he paddles and swims around all by himself.

Dawson has also learned to hold his breath when he goes under water. And whenever his head does go under the water, purposefully or accidentally, he'll pop up and say, "I went under like big kids" and is so pleased with himself.

Today we had a big first at the pool. Previously, Dawson watched with glee as other children jumped off the diving board. Well, today he went off the diving board!! I was a little nervous, but he was all excitement and determination. I walked him to the edge, he jumped in, went completely underwater, popped back up to the surface, swam to the ladder and got out. He did this 3 times today and I'm sure many more diving board jumps will occur in the future.

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