Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Welcome to the Garner family blog! We decided to create a blog in order to keep in touch with family and friends. Plus, it provides a record of all the wonderful and amazing things that Dawson is doing at any given time. While there will occasionally be information about Randy and myself, it will predominantly be about the happenings in Dawson's life. As with all areas of our life these days, Dawson will take center stage. :) So I hope you all enjoy reading about our daily events and latest adventures. And please provide any comments that you have because we are always happy to hear from you.


The Edney's said...

Yeah - it works! Looks great. Now comes all the fun in posting.


P.S. We love the cupcakes and Kevin was so impressed with the change in colors.

The Henderson's said...

I love it! It is so cute and the photos make me wish we would have made it to the parade! - Susan