Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fix It

Dawson has been saying some really cute things lately. Whenever something is broken or isn't working properly, he'll say, "Oh, I'll fix it" and then he'll touch or rub it, smile proudly and report, "I fixed it, Mom." Of course, he's frequently unable to repair it and when he comes to that realization he'll say, "Dad fix it" (he knows that Mom is inept at fixing things) or "needs new batteries" (even if it's something that doesn't run on batteries). The other day we weren't able to connect to the Internet when Dawson wanted to play one of his online games and when I told him the computer was broken he put a hand on each side of the monitor and told me that he fixed it. When it still didn't work he told me to get new batteries. :-)

He does something similar when things are dirty. When I come back from jogging he'll say "Mom's all stinky" then come up to me rub his hands on me and say "I cleaned it." Or when his beloved teddy bear is dirty and he overhears us talking about putting it in the washing machine to clean it, he frantically rubs and cleans the bear so that he won't have to be separated from it while it goes in the washing machine and dryer. It's so neat to see the way he thinks about things in his world.

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