Friday, August 24, 2007

Funny Phrases

Dawson has been saying some pretty funny things lately. Whenever he doesn't like something that Randy and I are doing he'll say, "Oh, stop that, Dad" or "I told you, Mom." And whenever he wants to go play outside and I mention that it is very hot outside, he'll just smile and say, "Go play in hot sun." One of the funniest things he says is when he's thirsty and wants a drink - he'll say "I'm so drinking, Mom."

Of course, the funniest things he says occur when he's involved in some form of pretend play. When he was sick last week, he discovered Micky's Clubhouse on television and since that time has been reenacting the episodes he watched. Frequently, he's Mickey and I'm Goofy, although we play the other characters as well. Amazingly, he's memorized a couple of episodes and we'll reenact them in their entirety in our living room. He also likes to march around the house saying, "March, march-edy, march" just like Mickey does. And he also does the hot dog dance that comes on at the end of Mickey. It's such a silly dance and his rendition is hilarious!!

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