Monday, August 6, 2007

Making Friends

As Dawson is getting older he's becoming more intrigued with other kids. Most of his play is still parallel play or just watching and laughing at the older kids, but he is beginning to approach other children and attempting to interact with them. For instance, when we were at a park in Tyler he would follow the other kids around, trying desperately to keep up with them and do all the things that they were doing. He would also go up to them, put his hand on their arm or leg and say "Hi." He became especially attached to a couple of kids there. One was an older boy wearing a green shirt and whenever Dawson lost sight of him he would ask me or the other kids nearby, "Where's boy in the green shirt?" There was another little girl there with a big bow in her hair and if he wanted to play with her he would ask me, "Where's girl with flower in hair?" But the cutest, most friendly thing he did was when he was jumping on a moonwalk at Sonic. Whenever the other kids fell down, he went over to them and said, "Oh, let me help" and then wrapped his arms around them and tried to pull them up. It was so sweet!!

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