Sunday, August 19, 2007


Dawson loves it when Randy or I hide and then jump out and scare him. He gets such a thrill out of it that he'll ask us to do it again and again. Yesterday we played the scared game with him for almost an hour. He wanted me to go into the bathroom and hide. He would then open the door, slowly walk in, and when I jumped out and said "boo" he would laugh with delight. After I did it about 20 times he wanted to hide and scare me. So he would shut the door, hide, and then call me in. Of course, I knew exactly where he was hiding as he was calling my name the entire time, but whenever he jumped up and I acted like he had really scared me, he was thrilled. So we did that about 15 times. Then Daddy came into the room and it was his turn to play the game. It was a very exciting afternoon at the Garner house. :-)

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