Monday, September 24, 2007

San Antonio Trip

We just returned from a trip to San Antonio. It was great to have a mini family vacation, and while there were moments of exhaustion and fussiness, it was mostly a joyous trip. We walked down the Riverwalk, went to the children's museum, and spent a couple of days at Sea World. And of course, we took tons of pictures which will be appearing on the blog soon.

On the drive home, Randy and I were talking about how our idea of "fun" has changed. We rarely get to to activities that are fun for us, and instead plan activities that Dawson will enjoy. For instance, the children's museum wasn't our kind of fun, but we had fun there because Dawson had fun there. And while we would have liked to see more shows at Sea World and ride the roller coasters, we spent most of our time looking at the animal exhibits and playing in the children's area. But it was a great time because Dawson was so happy. It's no longer about what's personally fun for us, but what we vicariously experience through Dawson.

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