Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Silly Games

Randy and Dawson have been playing the silliest game lately. Dawson will ask him, "Where's Mama?" and Randy will ask things like, "Is she under the pillow?" or "Is she in the toy cash register?" Dawson just giggles because he realizes how absurd the questions are, but he'll still go look in the silly places Randy mentions, laughing all the while.

Another silly question game Randy plays with Dawson is when he's asking him what he wants to eat. If Dawson is being disagreeable and saying no to every suggestion, Randy will ask him things like, "Do you want some kitty food for supper?" or "How about some rhinoceros food?" That always cracks Dawson up, and he'll tell Randy, "That's so silly, Dad."

They are so cute together. I love watching them play and interact. Dawson is blessed to have such a fun and loving dad.

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