Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cute Sayings

As this blog is pretty much a record of Dawson's life, I like to post things that he's doing and saying at various stages. Right now, he's talking A LOT and is saying some really cute things.

Whenever I'm less than thrilled about something and it's evident in my voice, Dawson will say to me, "Oh, stop being fussy, Mom." Of course, he gets this from me because I say it to him when he's being fussy.

When he hears a baby crying, he'll tell me, "The baby is so sad. He wants his Mommy" or "The baby needs a nap."

Dawson is such an encourager. Whenever he wants Randy or I to do something like reach up high to grab something or go down the slide at the park, he'll say to us, "Come on, Mom/Dad, you can do it."

The other day when Randy and Dawson were at Wal-Mart for their Saturday father and son time together, Dawson noticed the kids motorized vehicles that were up really high on a shelf, turned to Randy and said, "They're really high. I can't reach them." When Randy responded that he couldn't reach them either, Dawson said, "Hmm, maybe a ladder could help."

On the same father/son Saturday, Randy and Dawson went to eat pizza at Double Daves. They were sitting there eating pizza when all of a sudden Dawson burst out with, "run, run, run, run." Randy turns around to see a football game on the television and a player running down the field with a ball. I guess Dawson picked this up from hearing Randy and I yell at the players on t.v. during a football game.

Dawson has a harmonica and has learned how to play it. Today he was playing along, saw Randy, and said to him, "Come here, Dad, I'll show you. Hold it in your hand, put it to your mouth, and blow like this." It was so precious to see him instructing Randy on how to play a harmonica.

At night when Dawson and I say our prayer, we try to think of all the things we did during the day that we are thankful for. It's so cute to hear what Dawson is thankful for. Some of the things he's thanked God for are the park, the pizza place, Target, the Halloween house. He's so genuine and sweet - I love it!

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