Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dawson's 3rd Christmas

Dawson 3rd Christmas was by far his best Christmas. He became very interested in the story of Santa Clause this year. Randy and I had never told him about Santa coming down the chimney and bringing presents - he just picked it up from the Christmas show he saw this year. And this was the first year that he really wanted to unwrap his presents - and also help others unwrap their gifts. :-)

He was very excited about the gifts he received and wanted to open and play with each one after he opened it. And we did play with each and every thing after he opened it because we wanted him to savor and enjoy his presents and not just be in a frenzy to open everything at once. This really prolonged his Christmas experience. He played with his presents from Santa for about an hour, then we had breakfast, then he opened and played with about half of his gifts from us. He was so content with all of those fun toys, that we didn't open the second wave of gifts until Christmas evening.

It was a wonderful and amazing Christmas. It's so much more enjoyable with Dawson - he makes everything so exciting!

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