Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Dawson has seen a few Christmas shows recently and has been intrigued by the snow in the videos. He really, really wants to see snow and play in it. Here's a conversation we had yesterday about the snow:

Dawson: I want to build a snowman.
Mom: We don't have any snow.
Dawson: But I want to build a snowman.
Mom: I'm sorry, but there's no snow outside.
Dawson: (after a few seconds of thought) Is it snowing now, Mom?
Mom: No, it isn't. How about if we build a snowman with play-doh?
Dawson: (very reluctantly and with a tone of dissapointment) Okay.

I feel sorry for the poor kid who will likely never see snow fall in Huntsville. I want him to experiece playing in the snow, building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights. I guess we'll have to take him elsewhere for all of those memorable experiences.

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