Monday, January 28, 2008

Thoughts from Dawson

Here are some cute/funny things that Dawson has been saying:

  • Whenever he sees Christmas decorations that have yet to be put away, he'll point them out, then grin and say, "Silly people. Christmas is over."
  • Any time we go to Conroe or The Woodlands we pass by the gigantic Sam Houston statue. Dawson will wave to him and say, "Bye, Sam Houston." And when we return to Huntsville and pass by the statue again, he'll say, "Hi, Sam Houston, we're back."
  • When we see a baby anywhere, he'll say, "Awe, what a cute little baby." Then he'll want to go over and stroke the baby's cheek.
  • If he thinks it should be quiet, he'll put his finger to his lips and say "shhh." He does this to us if we're talking and he's trying to watch one of his shows on television. And if the birds are being especially noisy he'll tell them to "shhh" too.
  • If we offer him some new food that he doesn't want to try, he'll tell us, "No, it's yucky."
  • Whenever he gets hurt, he's taken to saying "ouchie."
  • When he's not feeling well (like when he has a cough) he'll look at us and say, "Can you make me feel better, Mom/Dad?" And what makes him feel better is us putting our arm around him and resting our hand on his stomach. If our hand isn't in just the right spot, he's sure to put it where he wants it.

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