Sunday, February 10, 2008

3rd Year Check-Up

Dawson went in for his 3rd year check-up last week. He weighed in at 38 pounds and measured 41 inches tall, although they seemed to be very generous in his height measurement (he's more like 40 inches tall).

He was excellent at the doctor's office. The last couple of times he had been to see the doctor he had been sick and was not particularly keen on being poked and prodded. It was a completely different story this time. He was very personable with Dr. Knight, he enjoyed talking to him and answering all his questions. And he complied with every request - he let him listen to his heart, took deep breathes when told to do so, allowed the doctor to push on his stomach, look in his ears, eyes, and mouth. He was great!!!

The most exciting news from our visit was the confirmation that Dawson is at least 40 inches tall - tall enough to ride many rides at Disney World. That's right, we're planning on taking him to Disney World this summer. He is so excited. He asks us almost every day if today is the day we go to Florida. The other day when we were running errands he said, "We'll go to Kroger, the bank, and then to Florida, Mom." He's really looking forward to seeing Mickey and all the Disney characters and to riding all the fun rides. He is fearless when it comes to rides and actually enjoys those that are more adverturous and a little scary. We think it'll be a wonderful family vacation - Dawson's last vacation as an only child. :-)

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