Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Kemah Bouncer

We made a trip to the Kemah Boardwalk last weekend. Dawson had been once before and had a great time. The same was true this time. In fact, we stayed for 5 hours!! He loved every ride he went on and was disappointed that he couldn't go on every ride (he didn't reach the height requirement for some of the bigger, more thrilling rides). His favorite attraction was the bouncer, which repeatedly takes you up and then suddenly drops you. We rode the bouncer many times. Dawson was frequently the smallest kid on the ride, but clearly the one who enjoyed it the most. He just screamed and squeeled in delight and had a giant smile on his face the entire time. It's such a joy to see him have so much fun.

Getting ready for the ride to start.

Squealing in delight.

All smiles as the ride comes to an end.

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