Monday, March 31, 2008


There's a beautiful field of wildflowers at the dinosaur park. Dawson and Kaelin enjoyed playing in them, picking them, and even having them "cheers" (think of a cheers with cups and that's what they did with their flowers).

Dawson picking one of each color of flowers.

Dawson in the flower patch.

Dawson and Kaelin toasting their flowers - "cheers."

Getting a big kick out of themselves. Their smiles and laughter are infectious.

Showing me his bouquet of flowers, which he took home to give to Daddy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Up A Tree

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dawson and I met Angie and Kaelin at Starbucks on Friday to celebrate Angie's birthday. The kids were great and managed to keep themselves entertained for an entire hour!! It was a wonderful birthday celebration!

Dawson and Kaelin both intent on their drawing.

Angie helping the kids color.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pool Time

Going up the ladder for the slide.

Dawson zipping down the very slippery slide.

Kaelin laughing all the way down the slide.

Dawson trying it out on his stomach.

Very pleased with the face first slide.

Kaelin going down on her stomach.

Kicking and splashing water everywhere.

Water Table Fun

Kaelin and Dawson enjoyed the nice, warm weather with a little water fun. They played with the water table and splashed in the pool. They were a joy to watch - they had so much fun together and their sweet laughs and giggles made Angie and I laugh too. What fun kids!!!

Calmly playing with the cups and boats in the water table.

Not so calmly playing anymore. They were throwing toys out, splashing water everywhere, and slinging water on us.

Carousel Ride

Poised and ready to ride the zebra on the carousel.


Dawson checking out the little boy mannequins at Kohls. He actually pulled the arm off of one of them and we had to reattach it. :-)

Dinosaur Park

Dawson climbing the dinosaur.

Playing with another little boy he encountered at the park.

Swinging from the rings. He's not able to swing across and grab the other rings, but he does like to hold on tight and just swing back and forth.

Climbing up the slide.

Going down the slide in the lap of a very sweet little girl.

Snack at the Park

Dawson was recently looking through his photo album and noticed a picutre of him sitting on a bench, eating a snack at the park. Well, that gave him the idea that we needed to go have a picnic at the park that very instant. So here we are at the park again, having a snack.

Dawson eating his delicious snack.

Because I took his picture, he wanted to take my picture having a snack too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dawson and I visited the duck pond yesterday and were pleasantly surprised to see some baby ducks. Dawson was ecstatic. He threw them scraps of bread and was thrilled to see the baby ducks fighting over the pieces of bread.

The mama duck with her adorable fuzzy ducklings.

Climbing over the rocks to get closer to the ducklings.

A picture of Dawson with the baby ducks. He's cute, they're cute, it's just a cute picture!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun at the Park

We have been spending time at our neighborhood park on one of the city parks each day. The weather has been beautiful here and we are determined to enjoy it while it lasts. The pictures below are from one of our outings to the neighborhood park.

Dawson perched at the top of the slide.

Zipping down the slide.

Making his way across the stepping stones.

Swinging and clanging the stepping stones together.

Big Helper

Dawson is always up for helping me wash the cars. He insists on squirting the cars down with the water hose and even has his own sponge to help scrub them clean. He gets completely drenched, of course, but he has such a good time. And I'm very happy to encourage any helping behavior. Here are a couple of pictures of him washing Randy's car. He's so focused on the task at hand. :-)

Fun with Chalk

Talking to Dad about what they can draw.

Drawing together.

Creating his masterpiece.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Dawson's Easter basket.

He's ready to find those Easter eggs.

Trying to open one of his eggs.

Suckers - the one and only candy he'll eat.

Playing with a few of the toys he found in his eggs.

The Great Egg Hunt

While Dawson enjoyed hunting for eggs, he couldn't wait to open them up to see what treasures were inside. He made frequent stops throughout the great egg hunt to open his eggs and grab the toy that was inside. He quickly learned that the big eggs had the coolest toys - matchbox cars and wooden pirate toys. He wasn't very excited about the little eggs as they contained little dinosaurs and coins. All in all, he amassed almost 4 dozen eggs this year!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Kaelin and Dawson waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

Dawson having a good time and laughing with his best friend, Kaelin.

Picking up an egg.

Digging through the bushes to get some eggs.

Trying to open his dinosaur egg.

Showing off his bounty. The interesting thing is that he really likes searching for eggs and even enjoys opening them up to see what's inside, but he won't eat any of the candy - unless it's a sucker, the only kind of candy he will eat.