Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Spy a Car

Dawson is a cars fanatic. He's had a special affinity for cars since he was very small. They remain a frequent toy of choice and we have accumulated several tubs of cars in the last 3 years. His love of cars goes beyond toy versions. Amazingly, he notices different types of cars as we're driving around. Before he was even 2 years old, he would let us know when he spotted a vehicle that anyone in the family drove - "it looks like Mama's car" or Daddy's, Nanny's, Gramps, Julie's, Grandma's, etc. He soon learned the car model and would say, "It's a Saturn Vue like Mama's car" or a "Ford Focus like Daddy's car." He'll also tell us when he sees a Hummer, Jeep, or Mustang. His observation skills are incredible.

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