Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Funny Dawson

Some recent funny things that Dawson has said or done:

  • Whenever he doesn't like what someone is doing, he'll point his finger at them and then wag it back and forth. He won't say a thing, but it's obvious from his gesture that he wants them to stop whatever they are doing. He'll do this to us, but also to complete strangers at the grocery store.
  • He knows that the current month is March and the other day he was marching around the house saying, "I'm marching in March. Come on, Mom, march in March."
  • He saw a woodpecker at the bird feeder the other day and told me that woodpeckers tap on trees. He then grabbed my hand and began to peck at it with his mouth and told me that's how they do it.
  • Whenever Randy comes home, Dawson will run to the door and say, "Hi, honey. How was your day, dear?"
  • When he wants to know what something is he'll ask, "What do you suppose that is?"
  • The other night I gave him a choice between white or gray pajamas and he said, "Personally, I prefer the white ones."

We also realized the other day that Dawson is able to mentally add and subtract by 1. He's long been able to add and subtract objects that he can see because he can count them. We didn't realize until recently that he could do this simple addition and subtraction in his head. It seems like such a small accomplishment, but as with most things Dawson can do, we're very impressed. :-)


RWatkins said...

Hi Emily, I found my Garner Family favorite listing on my internet lists. I am so amazed at how fast Dawson is growing. I also want to congratulate you on the future Garner Family addition. I hope you are feeling well. I will keep watching the site for news and pictures. Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather. Rita

Angie said...

He is so funny! I had no idea he preferred the white ones - ha ha!