Saturday, April 12, 2008

Date Night

In the three years since Dawson was born, Randy and I have been on only 2 dates. The first time he stayed with our friends, Lorne and Aimee, while we went to see a movie - that was when he was only 1 year old. The second date occurred last night!! Dawson stayed with Angie and Kaelin while Randy and I went to dinner. Angie was kind enough to offer to care for Dawson so we could enjoy some time alone. And Dawson adores Angie and Kaelin and has such a great time with them, that for the first time, he was actually excited about Mom and Dad dropping him off and not coming back. He actually told us not to come back, and when I informed him he would be staying there for 2 hours he told me, "No, not 2 hours, just lots of hours."

While we were on our date, I was a bit preoccupied (okay, a lot preoccupied) with how Dawson was doing at Angie's. But it turned out he did wonderfully. He didn't cry or even ask for us the entire time. And this morning he's been recounting all the fun he had with Angie and Kaelin. He even says he wants to do it again. Hurray!!! Maybe now we can have dates more frequently than every 2 years! :-)

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The Edney's said...

I heard it went great! I'm so glad!