Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts from Dawson

More cute and funny things Dawson has said:

  • The other day he ran out to the garage where Randy keeps his tools. When we asked what he was doing he told us, "I need to get Dad's tools. I'm going to make something for Baby Brady. Help me, Dad. Let's make something for Baby Brady."
  • We were driving to the park the other day when a burp escaped my mouth. I said, "Oh, excuse me" and Dawson replied, "Good manners, Mom."
  • When he wants to watch a show on television and we're reluctant to agree he'll implore, "It's okay. We can do it if you want to. If you want to, we can. It's okay, Mom/Dad."
  • He's really picked up on cute love phrases. He'll call me "sweetie pie," say "I'm sorry, sweetie," and at the park today he was telling Kaelin to "come on, dear."

Dawson also says some things that really stun and amaze us:

  • He was playing in the living room when a Lowe's commercial came on advertising their garden center. It was accompanied by some music, and Dawson excitedly looked up from his toys and said, "It's Beethoven." I had to check with Randy to confirm that he identified the music correctly. My 3 year old son already knows much more about classical music than I do.
  • When we were playing with his musical instruments the other day he said he wanted to play the Edvard Grieg song and he drummed the beat perfectly! He even played the tune on his little flute, although it was more of a challenge than the drums and a bit frustrating at times. He was so intent on it being just right.
  • When we were at the mall this week having lunch in the food court he asked me if he could ride the carousel. I had planned to use my last dollar bill to buy a grilled cheese sandwich but told him if he could tell me the name of the man was on the one dollar bill he could ride the carousel. I held it up and asked him who it was and he confidently said, "George Washington."

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