Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bucket Splash

I took Dawson to the city pool this afternoon and he had a great time playing in their water play land. There are water sprinklers all around and in the pool, water cannons, dumping buckets of water, and a twisty water slide. Dawson was disappointed that the lifeguards wouldn't let him go down the slide (they claimed he wasn't big enough and needed to be able to swim on his own - even though he was tall enough to stand in the pool where the slide would have dumped him out), but he did enjoy the other fun water toys, especially the water buckets. Here are some pictures of him being soaked when the buckets dumped water on him.

Waiting for the bucket to spill it's water.

That's him being completely drenched by one of the water buckets.

Here comes some more!


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Rutro76 said...

Sorry we missed you on Wednesday! Rosalie took a much needed 4 hour nap that afternoon. It looks like you had fun!