Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Utterances from Dawson

Some funny things Dawson has said recently:

  • When he wants to get our attention and we don't immediately respond to him, he'll say, "Pssst, pssst."
  • When he was watering the grass, he noticed that when he poured water on the dirt it became very muddy. He turned to me and said, "The dirt is changing to mud." And he was very happy that he had discovered how to make mud.
  • We were outside one morning feeding and observing the deer when Dawson spotted a man walking down the street. He hollered to him, "No, no, no, don't scare the deer. Stop. Don't scare the deer." Fortunately, the deer in our neighborhood aren't skittish at all and didn't mind the man walking down the road - or Dawson yelling.
  • One day when we were taking a nap he asked me when Kaelin would be feeling better (they had both been sick for several days). I told him I didn't know, maybe tomorrow. Then he asked if she would be better at 1:00. I said I didn't think so. Then he told me in this sweet, sad voice, "I miss Kaelin. I'm sad because I miss her" and he started to cry. It was such a sad moment!!
  • At the pool the other day when all the kids were lining up to jump in, Dawson told them, "No not yet. Kaelin's not ready. We have to wait for Kaelin." It's so sweet when he sticks up for her. And she does the same for him. At the park one day when all the kids were taking turns at a game and another kid tried to go when it was Dawson's turn, Kaelin told him, "No, it's Dawson's turn." They are such sweet friends!

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