Friday, July 25, 2008


By far the most amazing aspect of pregnancy is feeling a little baby move around inside of me. It amazed me when I was pregnant with Dawson and I still find it incredible when Brady moves. Now that I am almost 9 months pregnant I can feel Brady's every movement. He's very active and seems very long. He's particularly fond of pushing his feet into my ribs, which is not pleasant at all, but I feel sorry for him being so scrunched up in there. There are also times when he pushes a foot or knee into my side and you can visibly the large protrusion which is his foot/knee. Oh, and one of the neatest things is feeling him hiccup. He frequently has the hiccups and it's such a neat sensation. Randy thinks it's a little creepy, but Dawson loves it. He likes to put his hand on my stomach and feel Brady kick or hiccup. Then he'll pull his hand away real quick, smile and laugh, and report, "Brady kicked me" or "Brady hiccuped on me." :-)

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