Sunday, July 6, 2008

Play Date with Kaelin

Dawson stayed with Angie and Kaelin one day last week while Randy and I went to a doctor's appointment. He loves staying with them and will frequently tell me that he wants to stay with Angie and Kaelin all by himself. He also told me he wanted to stay for a long, long time. He has so much fun with Kaelin and adores Angie. Here are a few pictures from their time together.

Happily playing with toys in Kaelin's room.

Feeding the baby. He looks forward to feeding and caring for his real baby brother when he arrives.

Kaelin helping Dawson put on his shoes as they prepare to go to the pool. What a sweet girl!

Exhausted after playing at the pool. They're watching a Veggie Tales move and eating popcorn.

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