Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Waiting

Despite some encouraging reports from my doctor, we are still waiting on baby Brady to arrive. I started dilating a month ago, first at only 1 centimeter, then 3 centimeters, and as of last Tuesday 4 centimeters, but have yet to go into labor. I'm shocked to be walking around at 4 centimeters, very likely more by now, and not be in labor. My doctor was very optimistic that I would go into labor a week and a half ago when I was 3 centimeters. I was hopeful she was right, but have continued to be disappointed day after day. I am struggling with being patient as I wait for Brady to be born. I'm definitely ready to see him and hold him. Oh, and being hugely pregnant in August is just not any fun at all, which certainly contributes to my desire to have Brady come out already. :-) So hopefully the next post on our blog will be news of Brady's birth and pictures of the newest little member of our family.

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