Monday, August 11, 2008

Thoughts from Dawson

  • Dawson and I were doing his United States puzzle the other day and as he was saying the state names, he was also commenting about the various pictures on the state. He noticed Nebraska had a picture of corn and I told him they had lots of corn crops in Nebraska. He also pointed out the car on the state of Michigan and I told him that they make a lot of cars in that state. When he picked up the Pennsylvania state he told me matter-of-factly, "They have lots of pencils in Pennsylvania." LOL!!!
  • When he was petting Gertrude (our cat) and she wasn't exactly pleased about the petting, she batted her paw at him. He jumped up, pointed his finger at her, and said, "Gertie, this is your warning!"
  • He's been enjoying watching some of the Olympics and even attempting to reenact certain things. When gymnastics was on the other night and the girls were doing the floor exercises he too ran and jumped around and even did a semi-splits on the floor and held his hand up in the air just as the girl on t.v. had done. He was also very excited to see the synchronized diving the other night. He repeatedly told us, "Mom/Dad, watch this diving. It's going to be a tough one." And he was all smiles after each twist and dive. He told me, "I love diving. I do lots of diving at the Olympic pool." (He really just jumps off the diving board at the pool, but he thinks he's diving.)

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