Friday, September 19, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Brady is 3 weeks old today. He's spending more and more time awake, although he still spends the majority of the day asleep. Even though he sleeps a lot, it's not for very long periods. The nights are pretty brutal, as he'll frequently wake up every hour and half (sometimes less!!) and the longest he's slept is 3 hours. We're lucky if we get one 3 hour stretch in a single night. We are hoping and praying that he'll start sleeping better soon.

Brady is beginning to show interest in various toys. He'll stare at them for long periods of time and enjoys seeing them move when he accidentally hits or kicks them. His neck muscles are also getting stronger and he's able to hold his head upright pretty well. His little collar bone is also healing well (it snapped when he was being pushed out, which is apparently not that uncommon with big babies) and should continue to heal on it's own.

Brady seems to have a very sweet disposition. He goes with the flow of things pretty well and he absolutely loves to be held. He especially likes to sleep in our arms. We've also seen him smile when he's dreaming and he has an adorable smile. Of course, we think everything about him is adorable. Below are a few recent pictures of our little cutie.

Hanging out in his chair.

Looking cute in his Sam Houston shirt.

Enjoying some time on his playmat, looking at the many colorful toys.

Focusing on the toys hanging above him.

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