Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dawson's Thoughts on Brady

Dawson has had some interesting comments and interactions with his baby brother.

  • He's asked me several times, "Mom, is Brady going to stay out or will he go back inside you?"
  • At the hospital when Brady was crying very loudly and keeping Dawson awake, he said, "Shhhhhh, Brady, be quiet." When Brady continued to cry, he was astounded and asked Randy, "Dad, why is Brady not being quiet?"
  • He's also very eager to share with Brady. He shows him how his toys work and even offers to share his snacks with him.
  • This morning Dawson was looking at Brady and talking to him and had his face very close to Brady's when Brady suddenly latched onto Dawson's nose and started sucking it. Dawson thought it was hilarious and wanted Brady to do it again and again. It was great fun for Dawson, but frustrating for Brady, who was really hoping to get some milk.

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