Sunday, October 5, 2008

Commentary From Dawson

Some random thoughts from Dawson:

  • When we were playing at the park recently, a very nice lady came over to see Brady and said something like, "Hello, precious." Dawson immediately piped in that "his name's not precious, it's Brady."
  • As we were walking to Fair on the Square we passed a police officer and when he waved at us, Dawson proudly announced, "We don't speed." LOL!!!
  • Sometimes when Dawson is drawing on paper he'll tell us that he's "sending an email." I just think it's funny that email is part of a 3 year old's vocabulary.
  • Another example of him growing up in a computer age: When something is taking a long time, he's tell us, "It's loading, Mom/Dad."
  • Dawson loves reading and at times transfers that to his play by narrating various events. He'll say things like, "It was a quiet day in Huntsville when Mom and Dawson went to the park" or "Let's take the lid off the sandbox, I explained."

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