Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wonderful Daddy

Randy is such a wonderful father and I am extremely thankful for all that he does with the boys. Every Saturday he and Dawson enjoy some quality time together and allow me to have some time to myself. Once or twice a month, Randy will take Dawson out for a really fun day at Incredible Pizza. And he spends a lot of time at home with us, playing with Dawson and Brady. He is a very involved dad.

What I really appreciate lately is how much Randy helps with Brady at night and in the early morning hours. Brady is not a good sleeper and continues to wake up about every hour and a half or two hours, with only an occasionally 3 hour sleep period. It is extremely exhausting to wake up so frequently to feed Brady and then be alert and playful all day with the boys. Thankfully, Randy helps out and allows me to get a little extra sleep. He'll frequently take Brady when he wakes up in the early morning and lets me sleep in. And the other day he took care of Brady ALL NIGHT. This morning I thought Brady had slept for 5 hours, only to find out that he had woken up twice in that period and Randy had fed him and taken care of him.

I just want everyone to know how wonderful and kind Randy is, how much he helps out with the boys, and how thankful I am for him.

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