Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boys Update

Some new and neat things that our boys are doing these days:


  • Dawson is very articulate and listening to the way he says things often makes us smile and laugh. When he's really hungry he'll tell us, "I'm famished." When he chokes on something he explains, "my epiglottis didn't close." If he finds something silly he'll sometimes say, "that's ridiculous."
  • He gets a real thrill from watching Randy play Mario Brothers on his Nintendo DS. He'll give Randy specific instructions: "go straight, jump, look out for that turtle." During suspenseful or scary parts of the game he'll say, "Oh no, I can't watch" and will cover his eyes.
  • He absolutely loves his baby brother. He's very protective of him and when someone else holds him he will tell them, "It's okay for you to hold him, but you can't keep him. He's our baby." And he frequently tells me he'll take care of Brady while I'm busy doing something (like changing clothes or doing laundry) and will get offended if I take Brady with me instead of leaving Brady with him. And when Brady wakes up from a nap, he'll say to him, "Brady, I missed you while you were sleeping." The other night he was sad because he "didn't give Brady a hug goodnight" and he told us so several times that night. He is so sweet. I can't imagine a more kind and caring big brother.
  • zxbsnmdjkdkklgvhy.hy6l;y6ky6jjit5ouijut675 (Dawson insisted on typing some "words")


  • Brady recently sprung a very sharp bottom front tooth. Thankfully he hasn't tried biting me when he's eating.
  • He doesn't yet have the upper arm strength to crawl, but he sure does try. He'll bury his head in the floor, push with his feet, and scoot forward. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a carpet burn on his face yet.
  • He's still rolling across the room. I don't know why we bother to put him on a blanket anymore because he rolls off of it in no time. The other day I left him in his room with a few toys to look at / play with and heard him fussing a few minutes later. When I went to check on him he was up against the wall - he had rolled until he couldn't roll anymore.
  • He's become very good at grabbing his toys and shaking them around, although he mostly grabs them and immediately brings them to his mouth so he can gnaw on them.
  • He's trying very hard to sit up. When we put him in his car seat or bouncy chair, he'll strain to sit up like he's doing little crunches.

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Angie said...

Both of your boys are amazing!! Brady is such all sweet smiles & cuddly & cute & I could just hold him forever! It's so much fun being around both of them. I'm continually in awe of Dawson's vocabulary. He always sounds so grown up and intelligent! We are so happy to have you as friends!