Monday, February 9, 2009

Airport Park

We recently spent some time at one of our favorite parks - the airport park, so named by Dawson because it is near the Huntsville airport. We love the playground equipment at this park but don't go often because we have a park right in our neighborhood and because despite how awesome this park is, it seems there are rarely other kids there and Dawson prefers to play with other kids (not just boring ol' Mom). This trip to the park was great!! We met Angie and Kaelin there and also had fun playing with some new friends there.

Dawson sliding down the bumpy slide.

Sweet friends talking inside the little fort atop one of the slides.

Reaching from the ladder to the playground, his tongue sticking out in concentration. :-)

Playing with a stick - always great fun.

Fun on the swing.

Kaelin having a good time on the swing too.

Kaelin and Dawson on the see-saw.

Having fun being bounced really high by Braeden, a very nice "big kid" who was gracious enough to entertain the younger kids.

Dawson with a big smile, thoroughly enjoying the great big bounces from Braeden.

Silly Dawson, raising one arm up like he's riding a bull. LOL!!

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