Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun with Friends

We went over to a friend's house today and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was great to visit with Emily (yes, we share the same awesome name!), Dawson had fun with Hannah, and Brady was excited to see his buddy Wesley.

Hannah and Dawson using Handy Manny tools to "fix" the chair in Hannah's room.

Hard at work. Dawson is concentrating so hard he's sticking his tongue out!!

Playing a game of Zingo (if you've never played, I highly recommend it). Hannah was so cute - she got so excited each time she found a picture tile that matched her card.

Dawson and Hannah helped each other out with their cards, often handing the other a tile that matched their card. No big competition or animosity - it was great.

Emily and Wesley.

Brady and Wesley lying on the floor together.

Brady really enjoyed checking out all of Wesley's cool toys. Here, he's talking to the little frog that's hanging down.

Hanging out in Wesley's walker.

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