Monday, March 2, 2009

Talking With Dawson

Some great conversational tidbits from Dawson:

  • Flowers are blooming everywhere here, thanks to the very mild and warm February we've had. Dawson and I were noticing all of the flowers growing along the road and at the parks and I told him that the warm winter weather was confusing the flowers and making them think it was already Spring. He smiled and said, "Silly, Mom, flowers don't think. Only boys think." Me: "What about girls, do they think?" Dawson: "Yeah, girls too. All people think, but not flowers."
  • The other day I ran into the pharmacy to pick up some medicine, leaving Dawson and a sleeping Brady in the car (it's a small local pharmacy and I could see them out the window the entire time). When I got back to the car I told Dawson,"Thanks for watching Brady for me while I got the medicine." Dawson: "I didn't watch him. I was just sitting here looking at the lovely trees." Thankfully, my son appreciates the big beautiful trees we are surrounded by. And, yes, he really used the word "lovely." :-)
  • After getting Brady down for a nap, he woke up a short 20 minutes later. Dawson ran in to see me with a scowl on his face and said, "Way to go, Mom, you woke up the baby with all that noise!" I immediately recognized that he was imitating me and my irritation when he's loud and wakes Brady. I guess I'll have to work on that scowl and accusatory language.
  • Randy had to work late the other night and attend a dinner at the university. Of course, we all missed him, but Dawson especially missed him. When Randy told him he wouldn't be here until late, after Dawson was already asleep, Dawson said in his saddest voice, "But who will tuck me in and read me a story." And later that night Dawson told me, "I sure wish Dad was here to help take care of the boys."
  • Dawson found a really cool flat round rock at the playground the other day. He and his friend Seth had a good time playing with it and pretending it was a pancake, pie, hamburger, etc. Dawson brought the rock home, took it upstairs to Randy, put it on the bedside table, and said it was going to be his big coaster for his cups. :-)

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