Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six Flags

Last weekend we went on a mini family vacation to Six Flags in Arlington. Dawson had such a great time. It wasn't as much fun for Brady as he was stuck in the stroller most of the time, but he didn't complain - just lounged back and took in all the sights.

The kids area at Six Flags was superb. There were tons of rides for the little ones. Dawson really enjoyed all of the little rides, but was especially excited about the big roller coasters. He was tall enough to ride the Judge Roy Scream, which goes up (and then down) 6 stories and speeds up to 40 mph. I thought he might be a little scared, but he wasn't at all. In fact, he held his hands in the air and giggled the entire ride. It was his favorite ride and we rode it several times. He also really liked the Tony Hawk roller coaster, log ride, bobsled ride, and the big ship that goes really high and rocks back and forth.

Getting ready to go up.

Smiling and laughing as the ride suddenly drops him down.

A big smile as he enjoys the ride.

Randy and Dawson on the mini Ferris wheel.

He loved this spinning cup ride and all the nauseating spinning rides throughout the park.

Randy and Dawson on the kids roller coaster.

Smiling as we go up in the air on a balloon ride.

Laughing as we fly in the air and spin around.

Pilot Dawson, ready for take off.

Flying with no hands!

Zooming past.

Dawson and I at the end of the log ride.

This is how Brady spent his time at Six Flag, hanging out in the stroller.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Julie and Nanny

While we were in the Dallas area we stopped by to visit Aunt Julie and Nanny. Brady loved the time he spent with them and was happy to explore a new place.

Smiling at Julie.

Reaching for Nanny.

Nanny's Stool

Brady was enthralled with this stool.

His happy, excited face.


During one of our rainy days at home, Dawson pulled out these neat puzzles, matched the shapes on the pictures, and created these designs. He liked them so much that he didn't want to put them away, then decided he could take pictures of them (which he did himself) and I could put them on our blog so he could look at them whenever he desired.





Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Jumper

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Indiana Jones

Brady wearing the Indiana Jones hat (which lasted only a second, long enough to take the picture, before he pulled it off and started chewing on it).

Dawson with the hat and Brady with the whip.

Dawson roping Brady.

Big Boy, Small Car

We recently pulled Dawson's old riding/walker toy out of storage for Brady to enjoy. Dawson has also had lots of fun playing with it again. He is so big on this little car now.

Big Jump

An action shot of Dawson jumping on his bed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute Picture

A cute picture of Brady standing by Dawson's piano, looking back at Dawson and smiling.

Dawson's Pictures

Dawson really enjoys taking pictures with my camera. Here are a few of his recent snapshots.

A toolbox Randy and Dawson made, which holds some of Dawson's tools.

Dawson's Cars pillow that his friend Seth gave him for his birthday (made by Seth's mom, Tonia, who is super creative).

The blue lamp in his room.

His Lightning McQueen bouncy ball.


Dawson and Brady playing Whack-A-Mole. Dawson is very fast and very good at hitting them when they light up; Brady just likes to watch all the lights and occasionally grab one of the moles. It was so cute to see them sitting together and playing this game.


Brady crawling through the red tunnel. He's especially motivated if we place one of his toys in the tunnel or if one of us is waiting on the other side.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Water Party

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Watching a Movie

Dawson and Kaelin watching a Veggie Tales movie and Brady sitting beside them for a moment. They are all so cute!

Cute Brady

Brady sitting up and looking cute on Kaelin's bed.

Crawling toward Angie.

Hide & Seek

One of Dawson and Kaelin's favorite activities is hide and seek. They'll hide in various places in Kaelin's room and giggle as we search for them in all the wrong places, then squeal when we finally find them.

Dawson screaming after being discovered in Kaelin's tent.

Popping up from their hiding spot behind Kaelin's bed.

Brady and Bailey

Brady getting a closer look at Kaelin's dog, Bailey. He found him very amusing and loved watching him run and play.


After our awesome trip to the Houston Children's Museum, we stopped to play at a nearby park. We parked at the zoo and followed the trails around the lake to the park - very scenic and nice. And all the boys had a great time playing on the playgrounds.

Dawson and Seth climbing and playing on a cool rock along the trail.

Cy and Brady on the slide at the small playground (perfect for little ones).

Brady peering over the side of the slide.

Looking into the tunnel. He really has a great time crawling through tunnels.

Crawling up the tiny tunnel slide.

Dawson and Seth hiding and waiting for Cy to find them, at which point they would scream, run away, hide somewhere else, and wait for Cy to find them again.

Thursday, April 16, 2009