Sunday, April 12, 2009

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

We attended our neighborhood Easter egg hunt this weekend. Dawson has been looking forward to it for days and he had a lot of fun making a mad dash for the eggs, seeing someone dressed up in a big bunny costume, having cake and lemonade, and playing with his friends.

Kaelin and Dawson happy to be together and looking forward to the big egg hunt.

Brady happy as always.

Sweet Brady content sitting in the grass with his Easter basket.

He explores everything with his mouth.

Carson, Kaelin, and Dawson waiting for it all to begin.

Looking at the Easter bunny as he made his way over.

The big bunny waving to all the kids.

And they're off!

Dawson collecting some eggs.

Jay and Dawson checking out each others baskets to see how many eggs they gathered.

Kaelin and Dawson with the Easter bunny.

Kaelin showing Dawson all the great things she put in his Easter basket. Thanks, Kaelin!

Brady playing with a bunny from his Easter basket.

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