Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We purchased season passes to Six Flags this year and made a trip to San Antonio to visit Fiesta Texas. It had been a while since we have been and the first time we've taken the kids and we were pleasantly surprised with the number of rides that Dawson was able to ride. There was a kids area, Wiggles World, with several kids rides. And Dawson was tall enough to ride many other rides throughout the park. He said he really likes the roller coasters and the water rides. His favorite ride was Tony Hawk's Big Spin, a roller coaster that constantly spins around while it zooms up and around the track. It is so fun to ride with Dawson because he giggles and squeals the entire time. He is such a joy!! And Brady was great while we were there. After a good nap in the stroller he was happy to look around and take in all the sights and enjoyed some time walking along the boardwalk.

Wiggles World

Fiesta Texas has an entire kids section called Wiggles World. The rides are pretty mild, but still lots of fun. Dawson had a great time!

Going up!

Sitting in the saddle and holding his hand up like he's riding a horse. So cute!

Sitting back and waiting for the ride to start.

Going up and spinning around.

Randy and Dawson getting ready for take off.

A thumbs up before the car ride.

Randy and Dawson are in the fourth "shoe." Dawson is holding his hands in the air and smiling.

Having fun on the kids-size roller coaster.

Brady on the Boardwalk

Looking through the fence at the ferris wheel.

Looking so cute and big as he stands there waving!

More Rides

In addition to the Wiggles World kids area, there were lots of rides throughout the park that Dawson was able to ride. Some were mild, others were very thrilling.

Dawson on the kids train.

Excited about the big swings.

Randy and Dawson riding the bumper cars.

Randy and Dawson on the log ride. Randy wisely rode in back where they barely got wet. When I rode with Dawson we sat in the very front and got soaked!

On the Wagon Wheel, one of his favorite rides and one he rode multiple times. It started out spinning around on the ground then rotated up and spun him really high in the air and upside down!

Dawson way up in the air on the Wagon Wheel ride.

One of the big roller coasters that Dawson loved - Road Runner Express. It went so fast that it pinned us against the seat - just turning my head to look at Dawson took a lot of effort. Of course, he was smiling and squealing the entire time. (They are small and hard to see, but Randy and Dawson are in the front row.)

Police Car

Randy and Dawson in front of an old police car parked at the boardwalk area of Fiesta Texas.

Family Pics

It's near impossible to get a picture with all 4 members of our family together. While we were in San Antonio we did manage of picture of me with both boys and Randy with both boys. Now if we could just get both of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Such a cute close-up picture of Brady as he crawls toward me. He is so adorable!!!

Memorial Day Celebration

Today we attended our neighborhood Memorial Day celebration and had a blast. There were inflatable jumpers, games and prizes, and fun times at the park and pool.

Brady reaching out to his friend Wesley.

Brady and Wesley looking at each other through the mesh of the bouncer.

Dawson in the big inflatable jumper for big kids.

Jumping up and down and blowing his party horn, which was so very loud!

Swish, he scores! Dawson was so good at this little basketball game. At one point, he scored 14 times in a row!!

Another action shot - this time knocking down the bottles with the baseball.

Preparing to launch the football through the ring.

Through the hoop it goes.

Winning the sack race!

Smiling and happy at the finish line of the sack race.

Cooling off in the pool after all the fun and games.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Candy Cane Park

A few pictures from our fun MOPS play group at Candy Cane Park in Conroe:

Coming out of one of the tube slides.

Dawson and Callaway going down the slide as Hutton climbs up.

Hanging onto the steering wheel.

Swinging at the top of the playground.

Climbing up the rocks.

Climbing the rock wall.

Brady in the swing.

Dawson and Kaelin swinging together. They're so cute and sweet!


Dawson jumping on the bouncy platform.
Dawson, Kaelin, and Seth having fun bouncing.


Dawson and friends really enjoyed these spinners at the park. They held on tight as they were spun around and around.

Dawson and Kaelin laughing as they spin around.

Hutton spinning Dawson and Kaelin.

Hutton running around to make Dawson spin.

Dawson's turn to spin Hutton.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Today is Randy's birthday and we want to wish him a very happy birthday and thank him for being such a wonderful husband and father. We love you!

A picture of Randy and I from a couple of years ago. It was hard to find a picture of just the 2 of us!

Drawing with Dawson.

Holding Brady the day he was born.

A sweet picture of Randy and Dawson at Schlotzsky's.

Randy and Brady at the park.

A picture of the 3 Garner boys taken at Easter.

Sitting on a porch swing together.