Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Rides

In addition to the Wiggles World kids area, there were lots of rides throughout the park that Dawson was able to ride. Some were mild, others were very thrilling.

Dawson on the kids train.

Excited about the big swings.

Randy and Dawson riding the bumper cars.

Randy and Dawson on the log ride. Randy wisely rode in back where they barely got wet. When I rode with Dawson we sat in the very front and got soaked!

On the Wagon Wheel, one of his favorite rides and one he rode multiple times. It started out spinning around on the ground then rotated up and spun him really high in the air and upside down!

Dawson way up in the air on the Wagon Wheel ride.

One of the big roller coasters that Dawson loved - Road Runner Express. It went so fast that it pinned us against the seat - just turning my head to look at Dawson took a lot of effort. Of course, he was smiling and squealing the entire time. (They are small and hard to see, but Randy and Dawson are in the front row.)

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