Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We purchased season passes to Six Flags this year and made a trip to San Antonio to visit Fiesta Texas. It had been a while since we have been and the first time we've taken the kids and we were pleasantly surprised with the number of rides that Dawson was able to ride. There was a kids area, Wiggles World, with several kids rides. And Dawson was tall enough to ride many other rides throughout the park. He said he really likes the roller coasters and the water rides. His favorite ride was Tony Hawk's Big Spin, a roller coaster that constantly spins around while it zooms up and around the track. It is so fun to ride with Dawson because he giggles and squeals the entire time. He is such a joy!! And Brady was great while we were there. After a good nap in the stroller he was happy to look around and take in all the sights and enjoyed some time walking along the boardwalk.


Emily said...

It looks like you had the whole park to yourselves! We are thinking about San Antonio for later in the summer, it looks like you guys had fun.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!