Friday, June 5, 2009

9 Months Old

Our sweet little baby Brady recently turned 9 months old. He continues to amaze us and brings such joy into our days. He is learning and mastering many new things and doing lots of cute playful things, such as:

  • He's crawling very speedily
  • He still enjoys "walking" while holding onto our fingers
  • He cruises along the furniture
  • He can stand alone for a few seconds before grabbing onto something
  • He's eating all kinds of solid foods and has pretty much given up the baby food mush
  • He does all kinds of cute babbling. He is still saying "mama" a lot, has also started saying "dada," and says a few other discernible words - hi, bye-bye, ball, and cat.
  • He really enjoys showing and handing us various things that he picks up. He and Randy play that game almost every morning.
  • He has a few ball toys with little holes for the balls to be dropped into and he really enjoys carefully placing the balls into the holes.
  • He likes to crawl around while holding onto things. Sometimes he'll hold onto a ball and crawl around knocking other balls with it like he's playing some kind of game. He also has fun "skiing" on books - he'll put each hand on a book and scoot around on them.
  • He loves swinging and enjoys going to the pool.

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