Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aquarium Rides

One of the best features of the Downtown Aquarium are the rides and games. There are only a few rides (train, carousel, ferris wheel, and lighthouse dive) but Dawson loved them and rode them multiple times. A waiter also gave us a free game pass, which Dawson used to play the basketball game - and he won!! It was such a fun day!

Going up on the Lighthouse Dive.

Holding their hands up as they drop down.

All smiles on the fast ferris wheel.

Holding his hands up as we zip around.

Dawson all hot and sweaty on the carousel.

Brady was riding a seahorse, but refused to let go of me - he held on to me the entire ride.


Emily said...

Dawson is such a fun boy! How funny! I could have an identical picture from our carousel ride from last week! Our little boys are so sweet :)

Angie said...

Deeewwwd! You n' yo' chillinz be fine!