Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sweet, Funny, and Amazing Dawson

Dawson is such an amazing child. He is so sweet and loving and has been an incredible big brother. He amuses us daily with his silly antics and constantly impresses us with his knowledge and how inquisitive and bright he is. He is such a blessing and we love him so much!

Here are some interesting things he's said/done lately:

  • His reading ability has increased dramatically and one of his favorite things to read are traffic signs. He especially likes reading all the construction signs - "road work ahead, detour, lane ends merge left, end work zone." And he is constantly on the lookout for speed limit signs. He also knows how to read the speedometer in our car and will tell me when I'm speeding. "Mom, you're going 50, you're speeding, the speed limit is 45, the sign said speed limit 45." So now I have to be vigilant about obeying the speed limits or my 4 year old will get onto me!
  • Dawson also picks up on a lot of things he sees on television. We watch the news a lot at our house and for days there was a lot of coverage of Michael Jacksons death and funeral. One day at breakfast Dawson put his hand on me and said very seriously, "Mom, Michael Jackson is dead. His hearth stopped working. It was going, 'thump, thump, thump, thump' but now it's not making any sound at all." And when he saw his daughter Paris crying at his memorial service, he became very concerned. He told us she missed her dad and that she was going to be sad forever. It really affected him - he talked about it for days. On a lighter note, the other night he told Randy and I he knew a show we could watch on t.v. on Wednesday night - Wipeout. It's funny because we've never really watched Wipeout. So we asked him why he thought we should watch it and he said because he saw a commercial about it and that it would be on Wednesday night.
  • Dawson is a great big brother - really he's got to be the best big brother in the world. He's great at making Brady laugh and will always try to cheer him up when he's upset. He also sticks up for Brady. When another kid takes one of Brady's toys Dawson will tell them it's Brady's and go so far as to take it away from the other child and give it back to Brady. He is also very proud of his little brother. He's always telling others how old he is - "This is Brady and he is 10 months old." And lately he's been telling people that Brady can take steps, without even holding a finger!
  • Dawson is certainly maturing. He greets adults and has grown-up conversations with them. He calls his friends on the phone and communicates with them. It's so cute to see him talk to others. A great example is our doctor's visit the other day (Brady had pink eye so we took him to the doctor). When the nurse called us in and I put Brady on the scale Dawson asked her, "How many pounds is he?" When the doctor walked into the room Dawson said, "This is Brady. He's 10 months old. He has pink eye." Then he points at a chair and asks the doctor, "Do you want to sit in your chair?" When she pulls out the stethoscope, "Are you going to listen to his heart?" As she's examining Brady while I'm holding him, Dawson said, "Do you need him to lay on the table?" When the doctor commented on what a good big brother Dawson was he said, "Yes, I am a good big brother."
  • He has such a sweet heart and really loves his friends. He frequently tells me how much he loves and misses them. His friend Kaelin was away on vacation for a week and he really missed her. He knew what day she was coming back and on that day reported to us that "it is a special day because Kaelin is coming back today." Other friends have had birthdays recently and he is genuinely happy for them on their special day and is excited to give them gifts and hopes they like them. He doesn't think about himself or want presents for himself - he wants to give to them. I hope he is always so giving.
  • Dawson's prayers at night are so sweet. He always asks God to "bless Dad and Mom and Brady" but will say special prayers for those that are sick or hurt. If we're sick he'll ask God to make us well soon, if one of his friends has a scratch or cut he'll pray for that, if Brady is having a hard time sleeping at night he'll ask God to help him sleep at night. He's very thoughtful and concerned about those that he loves. He is so very sweet!! It's always my prayer that I will nurture his sweet spirit and that he will always be so compassionate.

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