Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pump It Up

Dawson has been asking to go to Pump It Up all summer so we finally went last week. Dawson had a great time on all the inflatables and Brady was happy to be at such an exciting place with so much to see and explore.

Brady in one of the bouncers, happy and smiling as usual.

Dawson zipping down the big slide.

Just sliding down wasn't exciting enough so he had to bounce and flip down (he literally flipped over on his way down). He also tried going down backwards and head first.

Dawson and a little friend peeking through the mesh, eagerly waiting for the friend's dad to jump up and scare them.

And when he roared at them they both fell down laughing hysterically - over and over again.

Hanging out on the wobbly center piece.

A video of one of the kid's dads jumping onto the center piece to bounce all the boys, which they loved.

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