Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brady at 1 Year

For our own records, I wanted to list all the neat, amazing, and funny things Brady is doing at this age.

  • The biggest milestone is his ability to walk, which become his primary means of getting around when he was 10 months old. Now he's become so good and goes so quickly that he's almost running.
  • He loves to "jump." He doesn't really get both of his feet off the ground, though he's very close to doing so. He loves bopping up and down - he gets really into it and very excited.
  • He is such a climber!!! He loves climbing up onto things - tables, chairs, the couch, up the stairs.
  • One of the cutest and funniest things Brady does is dance. He loves music. Whenever his toys play music or a commercial with music comes on tv he'll start dancing. He bops up and down and sways side to side. It is the cutest thing!! I keep hoping to get it on video.
  • Brady also enjoys playing with musical instruments. He loves it when I pull out Dawson's musical instruments. His favorites are the drum, xylophone, and maracas. But when there are no musical instruments to be found, he'll grab a toy and drum on the table.
  • Brady also likes walking in circles until he is dizzy. He'll walk around in a circle in the middle of the floor until he's dizzy, shake his head and giggle, then do it all again.
  • Other favorite activities include chasing the cat around the house, chasing Dawson, looking for Dawson when we play hide-and-seek, playing outside, and swinging.
  • Most of Brady's verbalizing is still just babbling. It seems like everything is "dat" (that). He does clearly say "dada" for Randy and is starting to say "hi" and "bye-bye." I'm looking forward to him learning and using words, but his babbling is so cute too!!
  • He absolutely loves books and being read to. His favorites are books with lift the flaps or tabs that he can pull up. Right now, his favorite author seems to be Karen Katz (Dawson really enjoyed her books when he was younger too).
  • He is learning where his nose, mouth, eyes, belly button, etc. are located and will point to them when asked.
  • He likes all the shape sorter toys we have and is pretty good at putting the shapes in the matching holes.

Brady is such a wonderful little guy. He is so happy and finds joy in almost everything. It seems like he is always smiling. And he always makes us smile too!

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