Monday, October 5, 2009


Dawson's vocabulary has really expanded lately. He's always spoken well, but now he's using some really interesting words for a four year old. Randy and I frequently laugh when we hear some of the things he says. I wish I could think of more examples to share, but here's all I have for now:

  • When we were outside at soccer practice, he looks up at the sun and says, "Wow, the sun sure is dazzling." I laugh, wonder where he's heard that word, and think he probably doesn't even know what it means. So I ask him, "What does dazzling mean?" He was very matter-of-fact: "It means so bright it's almost blinding."
  • We went to Target to get water bottles and CapriSun for a MOPS event. Our cart was very heavy and I was having trouble steering it through the store. Dawson, being the good little helper that he is, offered his assistance. While helping me turn a corner, he said, "This cart sure is cumbersome." And he looks at me and smiles really big, obviously very proud to have found a proper use for the word cumbersome. Again, I ask him what it means. He responds as though he's reading a dictionary: "It means heavy, bulky, hard to handle."
  • Another interesting choice of word when we were playing chase: "I'm going to evade you!"
  • After learning about bones he's referred to specific bones a few times. When he bumped his head he told me that he hit his skull - then remembered to tell me it's a good thing he has a skull to protect his brain. When he hurt his knee, he tole me he hurt his patella. He also pointed out that one of his phalanges was really red and sore.

I hope Dawson continues using a large vocabulary. He really seems to enjoy learning new words and finding ways to use them. I think we'll start picking a word of the day or week, learning what it means, and finding ways to use it in conversation.


Emily said...

He is so funny! You'll be so happy later that you wrote this down!

Angie said...

WOWZAS!! Their is no word to describe how amazing Dawson is. Or is there? I better call Dawson and find out just exactly what that word might be!!! :)