Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't posted anything about Brady and all that he's been doing in a while, so here are a few Brady highlights:

  • He has 16 teeth!!!!! He's only lacking his back 4 molars.
  • He babbles a lot, but isn't say much that we understand. He does say "dada" and "daddy," "mom" and "mama," and his most common word isn't much of a word at all - it's "uh-oh." He can't say Dawson yet, but he does have a special sound for Dawson, like "daw-daw." Whenever Brady says it Dawson beams and says, "He said my nickname, Daw-daw!"
  • He's practically running now he goes so fast. And he loves to scream and run after us or have us run after him - a slow version of chase.
  • He also loves to spin around and get dizzy. It's so cute!
  • He can now crawl up onto the couch unassisted, which is a dangerous thing.
  • He loves playing on beds. He tries to jump, which thoroughly amuses him. And he likes for us to roll him around and tickle him on the bed.
  • He is fascinated with music. He'll stop in his tracks and dance whenever he hears it. And whenever he sees anything with Little Einsteins or Handy Manny he will start dancing - even though there is no music, he associated them with music and will dance to the tune in his head.

Brady is such a fun baby! He is so happy, easygoing, easily amused, and he brings us all such joy.

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