Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fire Station Party

Dawson's friend, Tanner, celebrated his 5th birthday at a fire station in town. It was a great birthday party and the kids loved seeing the firetrucks, learning about fire safety from the firemen, climbing inside a firetruck, and even holding the big fire hose while it sprayed water all over the parking lot.

Dawson wearing his fireman hat.

A quick picture of Brady with the hat on before he tossed it off.

Dawson in front of one of the firetrucks.

Brady in front of the firetruck (again, a quick picture before he ran off).

Brady smiling and laughing and enjoying the simple pleasure of running around in the parking lot.

Listening to the firemen.

Dawson and Seth and their sweet smiles.

Inside a firetruck.

All the kids holding onto the hose.

Demonstrating how strong they are.

Dawson's turn at the front of the hose.

Dawson laughing after getting completely soaked by the hose. He walking in front of it at the exact moment a friend turned it on.

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