Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Tree

We made a Thanksgiving tree this year. We mailed leaves to all of our family members asking them to write what they were thankful for this year and then mail them back to us. Dawson looked forward to getting the leaves and reading what everyone was thankful for. Hopefully the Thanksgiving tree will become a yearly tradition.

I don't know if others would want to have their lists posted on our blog, but I will state what we were thankful for:
  • Randy - faith, family, my sons Dawson and Brady, my wife Emily, and electricity and air conditioning.
  • Emily - my family, good friends, running, fall weather, the trees.
  • Dawson - my family, my friends, my Brady, my toys.
  • Brady - mom, dad, Dawson, the park, and music.

1 comment:

Winston Manor said...

What a great idea Emily! I may have to still it for next year, that is if you don't mind!