Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dawson's Christmas Decorations

Dawson wanted to take pictures of our Christmas decorations. He took very detailed pictures of every single thing.

Our front yard. I like the perspective he used for this picture.

The one and only picture I took - Dawson with the yard decorations.

A Santa in our front window.

Our Christmas tree. We don't have any traditional ornaments - only what we've been given or picked out for our children. So our tree is a little sparse right now but as we add more ornaments each year it'll fill out.

Decorations and stockings on our mantle.

Star lights in the front window.

Snowman lights in the back window.

A police snowman light.

Christmas airport hanger.

One of many musical decorations - the children LOVE these!

Musical snowman.

Two other musical toys.

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