Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dawson's Birthday

Happy birthday to our 5 year old!!! On the morning of Dawson's birthday we had cinnamon rolls and let him open a few gifts. Then Randy went to work and I took Dawson out for a special birthday celebration. We went to Pump It Up, had lunch at the mall (pizza for the boys), rode the carousel, played at the indoor mall play area, played trains and read books at Barnes & Noble, went to Northshore Park, and stopped by Toy R Us (Dawson got a birthday crown, balloon, $3 gift card, and they announced his birthday over the intercom). Then we came home, baked cupcakes, he played with some of his new toys, we had breakfast for supper (at Dawson's request), cupcakes, opened more presents, played with new toys, and went to bed exhausted. What a fun 5th birthday!

Admiring the birthday stickers on his present before opening it.

So happy to get Woody (pull his string and he says all sorts of things).

Woody and a new 100 piece Toy Story puzzle.

It was a Toy Story theme - Woody, puzzle, and new V-Smile game.

Playing with Woody.

They are both so cute - Dawson and the Woody toy!

Birthday cinnamon roll.

Kiddie Rides

Dawson and Brady both enjoyed playing in the coin-operated kiddie ride area. They are happy to play in the vehicles as they are, without inserting coins to turn them on.

Dawson asking me what kind of ice cream I would like.

Brady giving me his big cute smile as Dawson gets my prepares my ice cream.

Brady laughing as he drives the ice cream truck.

Dawson driving a giant apple.

Brady giving Garfield a hug.

Mall Playground

Sweet, smiling Dawson.

Inside a tree.
Sitting on the beaver.

Bear-crawling through a tunnel.

Cute little Brady.

Pump It Up

Zipping down the big slide.

Head first.

All smiles at the bottom.

Jumping on the big bubble.

So happy!

Not so happy - Brady did not care for the inflatable bouncers.

Birthday Evening

On the evening of this birthday, Dawson enjoyed his birthday cupcakes (blue cupcakes, white icing, and blue letters as requested) and a few more small gifts.

Dawson's birthday cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles.

Opening gifts.

Two new shake cars.


Small lego set.

So Cute



Birthday at Kaelin's

Angie and Kaelin, our wonderful and amazing friends, invited Dawson over for an early birthday celebration. They decorated, baked a birthday cake, had presents, and fun games for Dawson. It was so much fun and we are so thankful to have such kind and thoughtful friends!!

Birthday decorations.

Dawson wearing his birthday hat.

Happy friends.

Blowing out the candles on the cake.

Unwrapping gifts.

Playing pin the pants on Sponge Bob. :-)

Kaelin's turn.

Kaelin looking cute wearing the bandanna.

Sitting on the couch playing their v-smile games. LOL!

Playing twister.

All the kids happily hopping around on the twister mat.

Swinging together.

Brady kicking the soccer ball.

An action shot of Dawson kicking the soccer ball (Kaelin was pretending to be the coach and blowing her whistle).

My sweet, happy boy!

Frolicking in the grass.

Brady was amused with the dogs behind the fence. He was barking back at them.

Kaelin and Dawson trapped in the soccer nets!

Another cute picture of them trapped.