Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Church Easter Celebration

Pictures from our church Easter celebration - always a good time!

Dawson by the lake before the festivities began.

Dawson and Kaelin ready to go.

Taking a break on a bench.

Playing ball tic-tac-toe.

Ring toss - Brady and Dawson both enjoyed this game.

Brady so proud that he got a ring around one of the bunnies.

Dawson working on his craft.

Lined up and waiting for the call to go.

Quickly picking up an egg.

Dawson showing off all the eggs he gathered.

Brady picking up the colorful eggs.

He found another one!

Taking some time to eat the crackers out of one of his eggs.

Beautiful Dawson.

Brady at the Playground

Brady happy to be at the top of the playground.

Smiling and calling for "dada."

Turning the gears.

Looking through the window to see who is turning the gears from the other side - it was Daddy.

Family Photo Attempt

Last year we took some great family pictures at our church Easter celebration. We tried to do so again this year, but didn't have much luck.

Brady not looking at the camera and Dawson squinting because the sun was so bright.

Brady trying to make his escape to the park.

Me and my sweet Dawson.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing Tooth

Dawson's lost his first tooth!!! And he did literally loose it. It came out at the park and when we were looking at it he dropped it. We tried valiantly to find it, but couldn't find the tiny thing. Dawson reassured me that he had more teeth that he would loose and I could save.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Houston Zoo

Dawson and Kaelin (with their fake camera smiles) in front of the big fountain at the zoo.

Getting a close look at a turtle.

Brady happy sitting in one of the caves.

Dawson and Kaelin crawling through the piranha tunnel.

Hanging onto the elephant statue.

Brady standing by the elephant.

Brady standing in an elephant footprint.

Dawson, Brady, and Kaelin in the primate area.

Brady hanging onto the fence - such a cutie.

Dawson and Brady checking out and brushing one of the goats in the petting zoo area.

Brady peeking out of the hippo.

Coming out of the hippo mouth.


Dawson had his first sleepover at Kaelin's house. They were both so excited and had such a good time. They ran around and played, had pizza, built a fort, watched a movie and had popcorn (in their fort), and finally settled down on a big sleeping pad in the living room floor. They giggled for a while, but finally drifted off to sleep. What a great experience for them!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Abilene Zoo

Brady happily walking around at the zoo.

Checking out the alligator.

Climbing up on the bars to look at the flamingos.

The best part of the Abilene Zoo is going up on the bridge to feed the giraffes - look at those long black tongues!!

Randy and Brady feeding the giraffe.

Dawson getting an up close look at one of the monkeys.

The Rock

Brady loved playing on this rock at the zoo. And he even took the time to smile nicely for a picture.

Dawson on the rock. This time Brady wouldn't cooperate for a picture with his brother.

Granny and Brady.


Dawson and his cousins (Chance, Caselyn, Morgan) posing by the ladybug at the zoo.


Dawson and Gramps getting ready to play the Wii.

Gramps playing with Brady on the floor.

Sweet picture of Brady leaning over to give Gramps a hug.

Daddy and Dawson

What handsome boys!!!